Governor Cuomo Issues Statement on Staffing Ratios

Esq. Stephen B. Hanse and Lauren Pollow in Legislative

After the close of legislative session on June 21, 2018, Governor Cuomo issued a statement vowing to introduce legislation next session to set staffing levels in hospitals and nursing homes. Specifically, the Governor stated the following today: 

"One of the issues that has not been addressed this year is the level of care provided in our hospitals and nursing homes and the staffing levels of nurses and health professionals. We know that quality of care is directly linked to appropriate staffing levels.

"Next session I will introduce legislation allowing the Department of Health to set safe staffing levels by regulation as legislative solutions have not been forthcoming.

"In the meantime, I have directed the Department of Labor to vigorously enforce workforce protections. Reports of nurses being forced to work through lunch breaks, additional hours and without fair compensation, are not only unwise, as it diminishes the quality of care, but they violate state law which will result in penalty-pay to each nurse, and which I am directing the Department of Labor to aggressively pursue."

The “Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act” legislation passed neither the Senate nor the Assembly during the 2018 Session.

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