DOH Posts MDS Picture Dates

Carl J. Pucci and Nancy Leveille in Finance & Reimbursement

DOH has sent a revised DAL late yesterday with corrected picture dates. As referenced in Monday’s DOH Briefing member mailing, DOH will collect data for both the April 25 and July 25, 2018 census dates. Providers will have until next Thursday, September 27, 2018 to submit missing or corrected MDS data to CMS

SNFs also have the ability to correct any mistakes to previously submitted and accepted MDS for up to three years per the 2017 MDS manual Chapter 5, Section 5.7, page 5-10, “correcting errors in MDS records that have been submitted into the QIES ASAP System.” In addition, please note the "Modification Request" section in Chapter 5 starting on page 5-11 related to Assessment Reference Dates, there are limitations to what can be modified.

DOH will then upload the census data to the HCS table during the 10/3/18 – 10/26/18 timetable, as outlined in the DAL chart below. 




April 25, & July 25

Census date


Jan 23, & April 24

Lookback ends


Sept. 27

Last day to submit data to CMS


Sept. 28

Freeze database


October 1

Load census data table to HCS


October 3-26

Upload / Reconcile census data to HCS table


October 31

MDS Certifications due to


DOH has not yet disclosed how the data from both picture dates will be blended in order to formulate the CMI adjustment to the upcoming January 1, 2019 rates.

NYSHFA will advocate on members behalf to assess the final data analysis and discuss potential blending or methods for rate setting. 

We are planning a Town Hall meeting on this specific topic for early next week and will send email notification as soon as the date and time is established. 


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