Members’ Rights When a MLTC Closes

Deanna Stephenson

Guildnet MLTC, FIDA and Medicaid Advantage Plus is closing effective January 1, 2019. In the wake of any plan closure it is important that members of these plans do not switch to other plans until the enrollee receives official notice from the State (Maximus). Under the DOH MLTC Policy 17.02, if the enrollee waits to switch plans after they received official notice of the plan closing, the new plan must continue their current services for at least 120 days or until there is a reassessment. Enrollees that do not pick a new plan will be auto enrolled within 60 days of the official letter of a health plan closure. Below is a list of plans and their actions for the next 120 days. The DOH MLTC Policy 17.02 is also attached.

Guildnet MTLC, FIDA and Medicaid Advantage Plus – Closing effective January 1, 2019.

United Health Care MLTC – Withdrawing from upstate counties – February 2019 (waiting on official notice from DOH).

Independence Care System (ICS) – NYSHFA will keep membership updated as changes develop with this plan and notification sent out from DOH.

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