Issue: June 11, 2019

Published on June 11, 2019

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DOH Clarifies Shared Savings Guidance

Author: Carl J. Pucci* Published in Finance & Reimbursement

DOH has released the following clarification to the Shared Savings Program, announced via the 5/27/19 DAL

“Several questions have been received in regards to the eligibility of future refinancings that occur after the June 20 deadline set in the May 27th DAL. Any future refinancings that occur and are approved by the Department may be eligible for the shared savings program. The deadline to submit the form does not preclude future financings from being eligible. Direction will be given at the time of the request for the approval of the refinancing for participation in the program. 

Any questions regarding the Shared Savings Program should be directed to“


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Chief Financial Officer
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