Nursing Home Acuity Workgroup Submits Case Mix Recommendations to DOH

Allison Gold and Carl Pucci Stephen B. Hanse

Attached is the Nursing Home Acuity Workgroup Recommendations report that was delivered to the State today.  The Workgroup was established pursuant to the 2019-20 Enacted State Budget, and included representatives from Statewide Associations, nursing homes and other Case Mix experts.  The Workgroup was charged with developing recommendations to promote accuracy, stability and transparency within the case-mix acuity system to ensure that the collection process and related CMI adjustments recognize the appropriate acuity for nursing home residents.  As these are recommendations, it is uncertain at this time the effect these recommendations will have upon the case-mix adjustment for the upcoming 7/1/19 rates.  Among other things, the Workgroup strongly emphasized the uncertainty facing providers with respect to the current MDS collection process and the importance of an timely response from the Department of Health.  Please reach out with any questions or concerns.


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