Urgent Notice to All SNFs in NYS - DOH Announces New 2019 Nursing Home Evacuation Plan Changes Webinar Training

The 2019 Nursing Home Evacuation Plan webinars have been scheduled. The announcement provided to all SNFs in NYS , including NYC, is attached. There is no registration required. The Evacuation Plan will be housed on the Health Commerce System.  To view the webinar login link, click here.

Pathways and links to the documents on the HCS are below:


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Documents by Group > Groups > Long Term Care > Preparedness > Protocols


Please contact Katharine Logan with any questions,

Katharine Logan, RN

Health Care Preparedness Coordinator I
Office of Health Emergency Preparedness
New York State Department of Health

800 North Pearl Street, Room 322

Albany, NY 12204
Phone 518-408-5163 | Katharine.logan@health.ny.gov