DOH Issues 2017 and 2019 Cash Receipts Assessments (CRA)

Carl Pucci

DOH has issued the 2017 Cash Receipts Assessment (CRA) reimbursement rates, effective 1/1/17. The rates have been reconciled utilizing actual assessment liability, and will be processed in upcoming Medicaid cycle #2197 (check release date 10/16/19). The 2017 CRA DAL provides additional information, including the DOH link with the 2017 facility specific backup data.

DOH has also issued the projected 1/1/19 CRA rate, which also takes effect in cycle #2197. The 2019 CRA DAL is attached.

Providers have 30 days from the 9/20/19 DAL dates to appeal any discrepancies to their 2017 CRA Reconciliation. (Utilizing the CRA correction form.) Questions should be sent to


Carl J. Pucci
Chief Financial Officer
518-462-4800 x36