AHCA: COVID-19 Update #27

Jackie Pappalardi and Amy Kennedy in Clinical & Quality

In This COVID-19 Update:

  • Revised Screening checklist for visitors and staff
  • ICF/IIDs and PRTFs COVID-19 Guidance Released

AHCA/NCAL Revised Screening Checklist for Visitors and Staff

AHCA/NCAL has updated the screening checklist for visitors and staff based on the latest guidance from CMS and CDC. Revisions include changes to Section 3B to reflect when a staff person has worked in facilities or locations with recognized COVID-19 cases, and the staff person has worked with a person with confirmed COVID-19. They should be required to wear PPE including masks, gloves, gown before any contact with residents. Section 4 was also expanded to include CDC guidance for health care provider use of PPE when there are cases of COVID-19 present or not in the facility, as well is in the community. Please replace the prior version of this checklist with this revised version. 

CMS ICF/IIDs and PRTFs COVID-19 Guidance Released

Yesterday, CMS released guidance for infection control and prevention of COVID-19 in Intermediate Care Facilities and for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IIDs) and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTFs).


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